Rundown on Oklahoma State Fair’s return


Maddie Bone

A view from the ferris wheel with games, rides, and food can be seen below.

For the first time since 2019, the Oklahoma State Fair returned on Sept. 16 – 26. The fair had to be canceled last year because of the ongoing pandemic. Tickets for entry of 12 and older were $12 and ages six to 11 was $6. Anyone five and under was admitted for free.

Rides at the fair alternated depending on the part of the week. Monday-Thursday you could purchase an all-day ride wristband for $35 and Friday-Sunday for $45. Another option was to buy a specific number of credits for use on rides. The difference between the coupons and the wristbands was that coupons could be used for any ride while the wristband would give access to only certain ones. For example, attendees could buy the coupons for $30 for 30 coupons or $50 for 55 coupons. Most people at the fair seemed to enjoy the rides.

“I really enjoyed the rides at the fair a lot, especially the swings there,” senior Kelli Dorrell said.

Most people are attracted to the fair because of the unordinary food options and this year was no different. The fair offered Fried Oreos, Fried Cheese, Cheese Curd Tacos, Gelato Nachos, and many others.

“I absolutely loved the Fried Oreos because when they are fried they get soft and the cream melts into your mouth; it’s absolutely amazing,” junior Kailan Parks said. “If you didn’t get them while you were there, you definitely missed out.”

The fair also had many carnival games to play like Basketball, Ring Toss, Balloon and Darts, the Water Race, and various others. The games would often be priced around 5$ to start out per game, and vendors working the games would often try to throw out deals to guests to help attain business. Prizes from winning games included stuffed animals, sports jerseys, and floatable items. A very popular game at the fair for guests to compete in was the Water Race.

“I loved doing the Water Race because I was able to compete against my friends, and it just created good memories that I can hold onto,” junior Mackenzie Arnold said.

Another game attendees at the fair seemed to enjoy was Basketball.

“Basketball was pretty fun to play even though I didn’t win,” senior Dylan Miller said. “I still had a good time with it though.”

Even with the rides, games, and food, the fair still had more to offer attendees that didn’t enjoy those activities. Few of the many other activities at the fair included the petting zoo, rodeos, live music and shops.

“I really liked getting to see all of the animals at the petting zoo,” senior Madeline Bone said. “They were all so unique in their own way.”

The state fair had something for everyone to enjoy and will be returning to Oklahoma Sept. 15-25 in 2022.

“I had a lot of fun at the fair this year and I definitely am looking forward to it next year,” junior Vanessa Stanley said.