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The Insight

The Insight

The Enligish Department selected books for upcoming years based on students engagement in past assignments. “I would say if its a book where I can tell that students arent into it, the next time an opportunity comes up to select a different book I usually do,” English II teacher Courtney Crauthers said.

Beyond the pages of paper

Brynn Jackson, Writer/Photographer April 15, 2024

Among the various genres, the English Committee typically chose books that are historical and appropriate for the classroom setting. English II teacher Courtney Crauthers helped decide what books were...

Flinging himself into the air, senior Keaton Cox performs a quick show with the pom team to pump up the south side of the gym before the talent show begins. Cox’s flip started with just a few spins in front of the team and was the ending move to the performance.

Making the most of MILL Week 2024

Zoey VanGordon, Writer/Photographer March 27, 2024

Eye-catching banners designed with spirit strung along the walls of the school as MILL Week kicked off into action. MILL Week was a designated philanthropy week before spring break which included various...

The Mason brothers, History teacher Dustin Mason and Special Education teacher Trey Mason went head to head in a wrestling match during the dares assembly. They wrestled in a ball pit and the match ended in a tie.

Dare to Care: Uniting as one

Madyson O'Neale, Writer/Photographer March 27, 2024

The dares assembly took place in the main gym on March 11, 2024. The event cost $5 and helped raise money for the House of Healing. The dares depended on the amount of money that the school raised and...

Despite feeling a negative emotion, junior Christopher Stewart thought of it as a positive sign to feel. “Whether it’d be what would be generally considered a positive or negative emotion, I would probably consider it positive, just because I think that feeling any emotion at all that you’re having is a good thing,” Stewart said.

Reasons behind listening to music

Brynn Jackson, Writer/Photographer March 27, 2024

Art can be defined as an expression or something that was created to tell a story. Music can fall into the category of art because of how the musician entails certain topics through sound or lyrics. “I...

Petting the animals for a cause, students donated $1 per minute. Freshman Cameron Schroedter spent her time petting the horses, goats and holding the bunnies while waiting for her timer to go off.

Pet for a cause

Emma Johnson, Writer/Photographer March 26, 2024

The House of Healing brought animals for a petting zoo event to help gather donations for MILL Week. Students could pet horses, goats and bunnies during lunches for $1 per minute. Proceeds went towards...

Wearing the Catrina face makeup since she was little, junior Itzel Lopez Romero uses the style as a way to keep her familys tradition alive. I feel like I copy a lot of the old style but in a newer version, Lopez Romero said, I think of my grandma, looking back at pictures like how she used to do her makeup, really inspired me on how to bring back that tradition we used to have [in Mexico], here in the United States.

Dia de los Muertos: Honoring the life they had

Carmen Osio Rodriguez, Copy Editor March 12, 2024

Placing her grandfather’s blue guitar beside his picture, sophomore Yuridia Guzman gathered with her family as they shared anecdotes of her grandpa and sister who have passed. “Día de los Muertos,...

The Faces of Radio: An Insight documentary

Jack Dever, Writer/Photographer March 1, 2024

Updated March 08, 2024 at 11:19 a.m.

Racing through the water, junior Kamryn Pender-Cooper competes in a freestyle swim as some of her fellow teammates cheer for her on the sidelines in support of the challenge shes is faced with. The support from her team pushed her to excel in the sport. “It’s a mix of making friends and making memories,” Pender-Cooper said.

Swimming to the finish line of success

Brenden Adams, Writer/Photographer February 28, 2024

Splashing through her competition and breaking records. Junior Kamyrn Pender-Cooper has made her name known throughout Oklahoma swim competitions with her success, but four years ago this wasn't always...

The Influence of The Present

Brynn Jackson, Writer/Photographer January 23, 2024

What makes up somebody’s personality is the characteristics that they have. Senior Megan Loeffelholz tried to be a better person so she could have a positive impact on those who surrounded her. “It’s...

Its late at night and everyone in the house is sleeping. The light above the mantel is shining down on the stockings and glowing on the Christmas tree.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Konor Norman, Writer/ Photographer December 18, 2023

Christmas is dashing around the corner and people are rushing to buy Christmas gifts for their friends and family. However many parents aren't sure what to get for their kids. In the spirit of making this...

Is it too early for holiday music?

Jack Dever, Writer/Photographer November 17, 2023

There was a debate, often sparked in late October through early November, about when the right time to start listening to Christmas music is. Some argued that the day after Halloween is the time to start...

Getting into costumes for Halloween can be fun and exciting, however, Its important to prioritize safety precautions while participating in trick-or-treating. Its all about staying safe while still being able to enjoy the time.

Staying Safe During Halloween

Le Naing, Writer/Photographer October 31, 2023

Halloween was around the corner and was popularly celebrated by dressing up and trick-or-treating. Understanding the safety rules when going out to trick or treat was always important. To balance safety...

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