The Summer I Turned Pretty


Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty is based around these two families who spend every summer together at Cousins beach. This series is filled with emotions, love, and drama. The series implements contrast between the book and the series throughout many scenes.

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Jenny Han once wrote, “Boys may come and go but a friendship lasts a lifetime.” Han is an American author of young adult and children’s fiction, She’s best known for writing “The Summer I Turned Pretty” and the “To All The Boys” series. “The Summer I Turned Pretty” was a national best-selling novel adapted into a popular Amazon Prime series. Students have found interest in the characters. Sophomore Kamryn Pender believed It’s important for characters to have such strong connections which other people can relate to. Pender encouraged others to watch the TV series.
“Watch it all the way through and enjoy it,” Pender said. “Don’t get too hooked on team Conrad or team Jeremiah.”
Although all the character connections mattered, Pender loved the connection between Belly and Jeremiah. In particular, she loved how they always had playful interactions when they were together. Pender also related to all the characters in different situations.
“I kind of related to a mix of all of them, mostly Belly. But then sometimes a little bit of Conrad just like with how shy he was.” Pender said.
Junior Meagan Loeffelholz detailed who she related to the most and why. Loeffelholz found that the connection she had with this character was strong and that there were a lot of things that they shared.
“I related to Belly more just because that’s like the reason they have main characters so we can project ourselves onto them,” Loeffelholz said.
In learning about these characters, students related to not only the characters but also learned from their experiences. For example, Addison Smith mentioned how Belly’s character taught her a lot, but there was one thing that really stood out to her. Belly had her ups and downs but she still managed to make everyone smile. For example, when they found out that Conrad and Jeremiah’s mom had cancer again obviously she was upset but she still managed to savor the moments she had.
“What I learned from this is that you have to accept that even though you’re going through bad times you can still make the most of it,” Smith said.