Winter formal


Andrea Vasquez Chinchilla

Dancing Queens. As students begin to leave and the dance starts to wind down, seniors Can’Drian Alle and Adele Marchisio continue to dance with friends.

Students standing in line, long dresses and ties. Bright lights and a cold January night. On Jan. 28 Yukon High School hosted their first winter formal since the coronavirus at 10 West Main Event Center from 7-10pm. Tickets for the formal were sold during lunch periods from Jan. 25-27 in the rotonda. All grades were welcomed to attend the winter formal and any outside guest had to fill out a form. Freshman Lani Naylor loved that all students were able to take part in the formal and enjoy it with their friends.
“I was very excited especially since it was all grades and as a freshman I didn’t think that I’d be able to go to any of the high school dances,” Naylor said.
As people began learning about the dance, there was a lot of excitement going around, especially with it being the first dance of the year. Sophomore Emma Lambert was thrilled to hear about the dance.
“It had been a long time since I’ve been to a school dance so when I heard that we were having one it was very exciting,” Lambert said.
Apart from this being the first dance of the school year, students appreciated each other’s company away from the books. Lambert loved how much detail was put into pulling the dance together.
“I think it was planned really well and it was a great experience, and I really liked seeing everyone there having fun and enjoying themselves,” Lambert said.

In addition, students enjoyed spending time with each other. Naylor thought that the dance had an amazing outcome and she really liked the vibe of the night.
“I think the formal was incredible and I liked the energy that everybody had and how excited and happy everyone was,” Naylor said.
Altogether the winter formal had a great outcome and everyone really got to enjoy themselves. Assistant principal Clark Crawford also highlighted how, even though the goal was for students to have fun, it was critical to make that happen in a safe environment.
“It’s really important that we give students a safe spot to be able to go out and have fun and do things like that so we were definitely active in making sure that the building was secure and that everyone just had a good time,” Crawford said.