Courtney Crauthers: Impacting her Students


Madyson O'Neale

As students work on learning how to make an argumentative statement, student Ella Gentry seeks help from Crauthers about the assignment. Students are working on determining whether or not cell phones should be banned from school.

Courtney Crauthers taught English II at Yukon High School. She’s been teaching for 14 years and has been a teacher here for two years. She built strong relationships with her students by communicating with them really well. Sophomore Kennedy Scantling thinks that Crauthers built relationships with her students by listening and understanding them.
“I love how much she cares for all of her students and we can have conversations with her and she just understands,” Scantling said.
Crauthers not only communicated well with her students but she also had a unique way of teaching. She created fun and creative lesson plans that made the learning process easier for her students. Sophomore Leo Lardie enjoyed Crauthers’ creative way of teaching and felt that it made learning easier for him.
“She has more of a presentation-type style and she will often put in references or stuff that makes it easier for us to understand,” Lardie said.

Instructing English II, Courtney Crauthers helped sophomore Christopher De Lara understand how to format and write argumentative statement. (Madyson O’Neale)


Crauthers created a safe and caring environment for her students. She treated her sophomores like they mattered and were important. She gave them a voice and encouraged them to speak their minds.
“I always try to speak to my students as if they are people and as [if] they are important because, I think, that when you’re in a challenging situation with a student a lot of the time they’re acting out simply because they want to be heard,” Crauthers said.
In addition, Crauthers didn’t only care about her students but also cared about the way they treated each other. Crauthers believed that everyone was important and that we all have an important role to play in life.
“We are essentially all working together to run a society and so every single person in that society is important, so I really try to teach my students that every person in the room is significant and they have a purpose to play in our life,” Crauthers said.
Crauthers impacted the school and her students through her creativity and methods of teaching. Principal Melissa Barlow concluded that Crauthers also inspired other teachers by sharing her creativity.
“She’s definitely made an impact on the school and students through learning and engagement, but she’s also made an impact on her colleagues by sharing all of her creative stuff so that they can take some of those things and teach them to their kids,” Barlow said.