The debate about folder colors


Emma Johnson

Many will debate what folder color is used for what subject for example science is green, math is red, etc. people have their opinions and will stick with them and their reasons. “if you do not follow the unwritten rules of the folder colors you are not ready for high school,” sophomore Spencer Rowe said.

Often, students use folders to separate notes and assignments for different subjects. Most use specific colors for the issues. 55 students out of 105 who took a survey said a red folder was used for math. Junior Colton Cummings said the folder for math was white. 

“Math is white because you use paper in math, most work done in math is on paper and or worked out on paper which is white. So math is white,” Cummings said. 

For science, 68 people voted green. Freshman Kylee Detrick argued that it’s the color of the earth and the chemicals used in science. “Green is used for science because science is life and earth and the earth is green and life is represented with green,” Detrick said.

English had a mix of results. The majority voted yellow while red came in second overall. Orange had the least amount of votes with 5 out of 105. Many people use their favorite colors for their favored classes.

“English is blue because it is just better, blue is the better color and English is the better class so it makes sense,” Freshman Ella Peck said.

History was voted yellow with 38 votes out of 105. 13 of the people

who took the poll supposedly don’t use a folder for science and just shove it in their bags. Spanish teacher Jasmine Davis believes it’s the space between two folders.

“Students very rarely have more than one folder,” Davis said. 

For extracurriculars, students use a variety of colors or even a binder. Many use a themed folder for electives or none at all. Freshman Carson Grant uses a certain color depending on the extracurricular. 

Depends on the elective, for example, P.E would be orange or red and Spanish would be yellow, green, red, etc,” Grant said. 

Most people have their opinion on the debate about the folder colors and some get into heated arguments. Over ten people said that their opinions are correct and no one else’s.

“Each class has a specific color that pops up in my head when I hear the word so there’s no question about which color is which,” Junior April Shoun said.