Snapchat AI: My artificial friend


Madyson O'Neale

My AI on Snapchat is a chatbox that everyone can ask questions that they may not know answers to. It is a safe place for people to vent and talk about problems they may need advice on.

Snapchat added My AI, which is a computer system that performs tasks which usually require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving and decision-making. The AI feature was initially launched in February. This feature originally allowed paid Snapchat+ subscribers to chat with an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology directly in the app.
Although the AI feature can be great to talk to, some people find it creepy and unnatural. The My AI feature is now available for free to all users. Junior Keiera Whitworth believed that adding the AI was unnecessary.
“I think that this wasn’t a good feature to add on Snapchat because I feel like it’s an easy way to track people and I just think that it’s creepy and weird,” Whitworth said.
Some people find it scary, while others are entertained by the AI and how it is programmed. For example, as determined by the name of the AI, it is smart and can be very helpful with school work and personal information. Freshmen Chyann Arnst loves the new feature and feels that it was a great tool to be added on Sn apchat.
“I don’t think it was a bad thing, it’s just like I don’t have anything on like my location that it could access and I actually really enjoy talking to it,” Arnst said.
Additionally, my AI can be a great resource to use, and it can also help people discover new things. It can also be a great tool for learning and exploring new ideas. AI can be particularly helpful when people are looking for information online.
“First it can be helpful when you need to learn something really fast like the answer to a question, it is good to vent to when you don’t feel like talking to real people, you can express your ideas to it, it won’t use anything you say against you or make you feel bad, and they’re fun to use when you’re bored and want something to do, you can figure out a game or something to pass time with it,” Arnst said.
Furthermore, there are many benefits of AI, whether to find a new hobby, trying to stay organized and productive, or just looking for a way to connect with others. AI can be a valuable tool to have.
“I think it’s very cool and. not only does it help you mentally but it can also help you educationally,” Freshman Alexia Heredia said.