Tips For Incoming Freshman


Sonia Aguilera

At Yukon High school days seem long but the memories last a long time.

Starting High School can be an overwhelming feeling and time, wanting to fit in with new people and creating opportunities to learn, grow and to create lasting memories with new people.
Freshmen might feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year wanting to fit in and find new friends and people they can trust. Most seniors remember what it was like coming into a new school for a new.
“It was a roller coaster,” senior Eduardo Martinez said. “I felt like I didn’t fit in because you know, like becoming a freshman, and in a new school, and a new start. It’s just like you need to find a group of friends where you can fit in.”
Beginning High School was a challenging time for new freshmen, junior Layal Nickerson. It was challenging but also fun and a new learning experience for her.
“Just like experience you have to live through, and it was fun in that way because you learn new things,” Nickerson said. “I made a lot of new friends who spend it that way.”
As freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors students learned a lot more about friends, started to find themselves, and in the middle of all of that, Eduardo Martinez learned to put himself before anyone.
“I felt like I learned a lot on how friends work and how I need to put myself first,” Martinez said. “Now that I’m a senior I regret the way I acted during my freshman year. I wish I could go back in time and actually try on all my classes to be better for myself and grades.”