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Vianca Ramos: Building Relationships with Students

Carmen Osio Rodriguez
Smiling and lecturing, Spanish 2 teacher Vianca Ramos helps her students during a listening activity where students matched actions to the subjects performing the actions. “A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams,” Ramos said.

As the school year began, Spanish 2 teacher Vianca Ramos believed building relationships and connections with students during the first few weeks of school was crucial for a better class experience and to ease the tension and anxiety that some students experienced meeting their new teachers and classmates and getting accustomed to their new classes.
“That very first week is very important for us to get to know each other because I’m new to them and they are new to me too… if they’re coming into[ my classroom] they got to feel comfortable being in my environment and being around me,” Ramos said. “So I feel like creating those connections first is going to help me a lot. Which I’m still struggling with some of them. But I know I’ll get there eventually.”
From a student’s point of view being able to count on teachers and have them as support even with personal problems was crucial. Freshman Kenzi Boyanton explained the support that students needed from teachers.
“I think one that’s willing to help them learn and spend extra time with them if they need help, just always being kind and understanding,” Boyanton said.”Not only they have a place in our life teaching-wise, but they should also have a place where like if a student needed help with something outside of school, they could have that place to go to and talk. And it’s not always going to be the case but if you have that one person or teacher that will always be there and just be there to help you.”
It was important for students and teachers to develop good relationships and get to know each other because of the impact that they had on their students. Sophomore Bri Stogsdill explained the impact teachers could have on their students.
“When you know your teacher, and you need help, I think it makes you feel more comfortable with building relationships with anybody is very good, but teachers especially because you see them every day,” Stogsdill said. “So even if you’re having personal problems it’s good to have somebody, another person that you can go and talk to you. I know personally for me, Miss Ramos is my first hour. So I like to come in there early. And I just work with her talking about class and things like that. Like, teacher service for her and helping her grade things.”

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