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Unleashing the Power of Unity in eSports

Madyson O
Unleashing the power of teamwork and unity in the world of eSports “eSports is so important because it’s how we show our skills kinda like how football players have football games. They display their skills and in eSports participating in tournaments is how we display ours” Sophomore David Green said. Treyton Elliott, Clayton Monks, David Green, Kage Tudor, Luke Blystone, Danielle Stewart.

When it comes to eSports, teamwork is highly valued. The members work together towards their goal, whether they win or lose. STEM teacher and eSports coach Danielle Stewart explained what her goals in the classroom were and how it impacted eSports.
“A big thing is working as a team and working together; in my classroom, that’s a really big goal of mine so then I got to bring it over to eSports and if we win as a team that’s cool, and if we lose as a team that’s also cool,” Stewart said.

Collaboration and teamwork are crucial skills, both in and out of the classroom. Sophomore Dominic Mcintosh got 3rd place in the eSports tournament at Mustang. This was the league’s first tournament in which they competed for a placement that gave them points, if their points hit a certain number by the end of the season then they can go to state. Mcintosh went into detail about how gaming had always been a passion of his.

“I’ve been playing games all my life and I’ve wanted to pursue a higher level of the sport,” Mcintosh said.
Mcintosh’s passion for gaming led him to pursue a higher level of the sport. His dedication and skill contributed to his placing at the tournament. Furthermore, Stewart has seen her eSports students improve, not only in the sport but also in the school.
“I have quite a few kids that came into this class and said like 2 words in their other classes and now they’re louder than loud,” Stewart said. “They are my group of kids that are always there, that are always wanting to participate, they never want to miss school and they know that their grades come first, which for a lot of them that was not how it used to be.”
In addition, Stewart has seen huge improvements in her students from when they first came into eSports. Senior and Team Captain Treyton Elliott shared how he enjoyed participating in the tournament.
“It’s just really fun to get out there and actually play a game that you enjoy and have a real passion for which is really fun,” Elliot said.


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Story updated Oct. 06, 2023 at 3:34 p.m.

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