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Staying Safe During Halloween

Le Naing
Getting into costumes for Halloween can be fun and exciting, however, It’s important to prioritize safety precautions while participating in trick-or-treating. It’s all about staying safe while still being able to enjoy the time.

Halloween was around the corner and was popularly celebrated by dressing up and trick-or-treating. Understanding the safety rules when going out to trick or treat was always important. To balance safety and excitement English teacher Kalei Cypert, always stuck next to her child at all times to make sure he was safe while still allowing him to enjoy the excitement of the event.
“We just stayed with him at this point. Makes it a lot easier since he’s so young,” Cypert said.
Sophomore Olivia Moses expressed her concerns about the issue of people tampering with candy. There are kids who love to snack on candy without knowing what might be inside as they stroll around to collect more candies. It was a good idea to check the candies before consuming them.
“My mom has told me a lot of stories about people messing with candy and how she always checked my candy as a little kid,” Moses said.
Non-celebrators have perspectives on Halloween too. Spanish teacher Vianca Ramos doesn’t partake in Halloween due to her religious beliefs but she has no problem allowing her son to dress up and enjoy the spirit of the holiday.
“It was two years ago when I let my son go because our relatives came and visited,” Ramos said.
She’s not too worried about the safety of her child since they live in a close-knit, gated neighborhood where everyone knew each other.
“I felt safe because we used to hang out a lot and so do the kids,” Ramos said.
When Halloween is near, she constantly hears about why parents should check their kids’ candy bags on the news.
“It goes every single year, so we make sure that once we get home we open those up and nothing strange was in it,” Ramos said, “For parents who take their kids to trick or treat, they should stick with them at all times and really go after them.”

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