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Detroit Lions: A story of improvement

All sports at a professional level held their virtues with a high passion. Whether it was basketball’s precision, soccer’s endurance or golf’s focus. Sports required accountability for mistakes made and effort to fix those mistakes. For the Detroit Lions, they’ve had a long record of losing to the point of rarely winning a single playoff game and sometimes they missed the playoffs entirely. This last season was a monumental jump for the Lions franchise though. They set themselves up for improvement by changing their coach to an experienced NFL player by the name of Dan Campbell.
“I think the number one thing that I think with him is his emotional intelligence, how well he can read a room and know people, and that’s maybe the characteristic number one of a leader,” Lions quarterback Jared Goff said in an interview conducted by in-house media and published on the Lion’s website.
With Campbell making a few team changes, the Detroit Lions ended their season off in the NFC championship with a winning record of 12-5. Though their season got cut short, given that the last time they won a single playoff was over thirty years ago, it’s safe to say they have majorly improved. Since this season was so irregular for their reputation, it gathered fans like Philadelphia Eagles fan and math teacher Torin Rung from teams who had already been eliminated from playoffs to root for them. Rung talked about how he viewed Detroits last season,
“The Detroit Lions turnaround is a great story,” Rung said. Once the Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs I instantly started rooting for the Lions as the team I want to win. Detroit has some amazing fans that are die-hards even though they have not experienced much success in the history of their franchise.”
Even though the Lions franchise has been through a lot of losses, it is safe to say they have a bright future. Let their story teach that success is still possible after failing over and over again, with persistence and determination.

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