Miller “Hypemen” create new tradition at football games


Andrea Vazques

The Miller Man leads senior Jackson Wolf and sophomore Harrison Hines around a curve as several of the flag runners head back towards the student section.

Under the bright lights on a warm Friday night, the crowd roared. The varsity football team scored a touchdown that would seal the team’s first win of the young season. Following the score, a new aspect of the crowd could be spotted, four students holding unique flags could be seen sprinting down the base of the home side of the stadium. These students, holding an American flag followed by three flags that spell out YHS, have begun a new group for the home games. This group, known as the Miller “Hypemen” focuses on bringing increased energy to the already spirited student section.
The group is led by sponsors Joy Bjerk and Samanth Manke. Manke says the group was originally an idea brought to her by a group of students.
“It started after some students asked if they could be the Miller Man, or if they could run with the flags,” Manke said. “I said yes and the group began.”
While on the sidelines, members of the group carry flags down and back in front of the home stands, and bring energy after big plays or touchdowns. Members are from all grade levels, however, senior Jackson Wolf was instrumental to the creation of the group. and as Wolf explains, he joined the group because he loves bringing increased energy to the student section.

Several members of the flag running group and the newly returned Miller Man pose before the Sept. 24 home game against Norman. (Emily Steele)

“I like to bring as much hype as I can to every game,” Wolf said. “I hope to influence other people and future classes to do that as well.”
The hype that the group has provided has been felt by students in the student section. freshman Cooper Gully, explained that the group has given the student section an upsurge in energy.
“The Miller Man and flag runners definitely help drive up the intensity and energy of the student section,” Gully said. “After the team gets a touchdown or a big play, the feeling of seeing our school’s name spelled out with flags is awesome.”
The flags and the Miller Man costume have been in the school’s possession for years, however this was the first group of students that have been interested in reviving the character. Manke credits the past year’s struggles as a reason for the renewal of increased school spirit.
“I feel like we’ve had such a bad two years with COVID and the kids want to do everything they can while they’re at school because they’ve missed out on so much in the last two years,” Manke said.
While the group has achieved the goal of bringing increased energy to the student section, going forward, Manke hopes that the group can expand and be an integral part of the student body.
“The group has been a success and going forward expansion to other sports would be great. I think basketball is a definite possibility, and I think soccer would be cool.” Manke said. “If we got more people it would be good, we could all be able to participate and take turns carrying the flags.”