Sewing room dedicated to past teacher


Dustin Berweiler

On Dec. 3, a ceremony for previous staff member Nancy Osterman was held at S160. The room next to S160 is named after Nancy and is dedicated to her. She was an avid seamstress and loved to sew. She had a huge impact on the community and contributed heavily to Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. The line of sewing machines shown above is used by Ms. Loupe’s human growth and development students and has even created 120 burp clothes that were donated to the infant crisis center. “We wanted to honor her and Mrs. Barlow put together where we were able to kind of absorb the room next to mine, that was a small room, and we made it a sewing room,” Ms. Loupe said. Also, next year, the room will be designated to a new elective called fashion design.