Varsity baseball is back


Lucas Punneo

Pitcher Landon Ritchey warming up with his team before pre-season practice.

Baseball has been called America’s favorite pastime, and as the sight of baseball bats sticking out of bags becomes more common, you can not help but notice baseball season is coming to a start.
Last year, Yukon’s season ended abruptly after a loss against Owasso in the first round of the playoffs. Pitchers Carson Benge and Brennan Phillips pitched for a challenging nine innings. Owasso scored one run in the second inning, squeaking a win over the Millers 1-0 at Edmond Memorial.
“It was the fullest I’ve ever seen that stadium and a heck of a pitcher’s duel,” head coach Kevin James said.
The loss left not only the coaching staff disappointed but the players as well.
“It was a heartbreaking loss, and for it to happen so early,” pitcher Isaac Pearson said.
Students come and go, and that can affect the team as a whole, and how the team shifts to fit these new players.
“I like our guys.” James said, “I like how our kids are going about their business and their attitudes, and as far as changes, we’ve done the same thing for the past 30 years.”
New seasons come with new problems. Seniors missing, holes in the line-up and players coming out of quarantine.
“We’ve got several guys back that have played.” James said, “And then, of course, we have to fill holes like we do every year with graduation, but we’ve got some quality guys buying for those spots.”
“It’s always fun to piece together the puzzle and see how it all plays out,” James said.