Destry Lujan freshman football star feature


Andrea Vasquez Chinchilla

Destry Lujan runs up the middle to gain yards. The freshman football team won against bedlam rivals, Mustang Broncos by a score of 33 to 19.

Freshman Destry Lujan has been working with the freshman football team to top the 6a-1 division with a record of 5-1-1.
Destry started playing football when he was “around seven or eight” and learned that he loved to run into people. Last year, he played on the middle school team. His previous coach, Benjamin Tschetter recalled the consistency of Lujan’s sportsmanship.
“Destry was a leader on the field and off last year for us,” Tscheeter said. “He was an amazing student and was involved in multiple sports, clubs and extracurricular activities. As far as football goes, we tried to get him the ball as often as possible.”
Tschetter believed that Lujan’s work ethic last year exceeded expectations.
“Destry worked out and conditioned year round both in school and on his own,” Tschetter said. “He also didn’t take many plays off in practice or games.”
As a freshman, he played running back, linebacker, defensive lineman, and also kicker. As freshman coach Dennis McCray put it, Lujan was a powerhouse and a strong addition to the team.
“He’s a rare combination of speed and power. So he’s a home run threat and can go the distance anytime he touches the ball. That’s a very good thing to have on your football team,” McCray said. “He can get the tough yards as well.”
McCray believed that Lujan was an excellent player overall because of his work ethic, determination and ability to power through challenging plays.
“He’s got a good work ethic. I think if I were giving any players any advice, as far as looking at Lujan, it’s just his work ethic. He works hard in the weight room. He runs the drills hard outside. He gives a lot of effort in everything he does and that shows up.”