Taylor Swifts Midnight’s Album


Madyson O'Neale

On Oct. 21st Taylor Swift released a new album titled “Midnights” which includes 13 songs and seven bonus tracks. This album was inspired by songs that Taylor wrote at midnight.

Taylor Swift, an American singer/songwriter, whose music spanned genres such as pop and country. She released an album called “Midnights” which is the story of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life. She incorporates a little bit of every album she has released into “Midnights,” like “1989,” “Reputation,” “Folklore” and “Evermore.”
Her creative endeavors are often inspired by her personal life. According to Billboard, Swift sold over 1.14 million album units worldwide and is most known for being one of the best female musicians of all time, according to insider.com.
Freshman Laney Hickman enjoyed the album and how the lyrics enhanced the meaning behind each song.
“Midnights is so good, like if you really look at the lyrics and try to find the meaning behind what she is trying to tell you, it’s just so sad and very meaningful,” Hickman said.
Hickman related to Swift’s music because she found a connection to her lyrics and the emotion expressed throughout her music.
“‘You’re on your own kid’ really spoke out to me, because it’s about feeling alone and not really knowing where your place is. This song was about not really knowing where to go, and sometimes I feel like that,” Hickman said.
Although some people may find Swift’s music comforting, others have oppositional perspectives like Treyton Elliott who doesn’t listen to Swift.
“I don’t necessarily dislike her or her music. It’s just not my taste, but I don’t think it’s bad,” Elliott said.
Although, Senior Owen Hudson didn’t relate to Swift’s music, he understands why others can.
“I don’t really dislike her or her music, I’ve seen a lot of stuff about her and she seems like a person who’s been through alot, I just never really got into her music,” Hudson said.
This album is a mix of emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, confidence and love. The emotional substance behind the lyrics is what attracts freshman Lily Jones. Jone’s favorite quote from Swift was part of a speech she delivered when she accepted an award at the 2022 Nashville Songwriter Awards.
“A song can defy logic or time. A good song transports you to your truest feelings and translates those feelings for you. A good song stays with you even when people or feelings don’t,” Swift said in part of her speech.
Knowing that someone else is going through the same thing as you might make things a little better knowing you’re not alone. Senior Meadow Owen described why Swift has been a huge inspiration to her and how she has learned not to hold on to negative thoughts and emotions.
“Taylor always talks about life and the big picture of how things are, but getting over them is really important,” Owen said.