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Is it too early for holiday music?

There was a debate, often sparked in late October through early November, about when the right time to start listening to Christmas music is. Some argued that the day after Halloween is the time to start spreading Christmas cheer when Mariah Carey’s annual defrosting is posted on November 1st at midnight, while others believe they should wait until after Thanksgiving into December or wait longer after Halloween.
Other reasons students said for it being too early for Christmas music include how the weather isn’t as cold, a lack of variety between songs, as one song can be covered by multiple artists, and how repetitive listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” was. The students who said it was too early were also asked when the right time for Christmas music was. The majority of the responses said either the day after Thanksgiving or December 1st. Reasons to begin Christmas music from students include the joy that holiday music brings, Thanksgiving not having any themed songs, and how Christmas could be considered a season rather than a day.
The included pie chart is the difference between students who said whether it is or isn’t too early for holiday music, and was exactly 50-50. The results were compiled from 86 student responses to a Google Form sent out to the student body on November 6th. Often, people have gone to the radio for Christmas music, and the date they switch was a spark for the debate.
“It seems everywhere we go, stores are selling Christmas Trees and decorations, so why not have the best Christmas Music to go with it,” Magic 104.1 Program Director Steve O’Brien said. “So many listeners look forward to (Christmas Music) every year.”

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