The way of water proves that CGI doesn’t always flow


20th Century Studios

“Avatar: the way of water” was released on Dec 16 2022. Since then, the film has grossed nearly $2 billion.

“Avatar: The Way of Water,” excels at its visuals and CGI, but to be honest, who cares? We have been there and done that with CGI, and I don’t care about the visuals if the story is mid-tier. So is the story mid-tier? In my undoubtedly unpopular opinion, yes. The story is just as soulless and boring as the original.
Basically, the story picks up after Ney’tiri and Jake Sully have started a family and are working hard to maintain it. They must leave their home and travel throughout Pandora when the humans reappear as a threat and Jake is forced to engage in a challenge with humans. The plot is just a rehashed version of the original and the characters are somehow just as boring as they were in the first movie.
Jake Sully for me personally is one of my least favorite characters in cinema. He betrayed his own people to team up with the enemy, that’s the lowest of low, but he is supposed to be the good guy apparently. As a character, he is just not loyal which for me makes him unlikeable. Then we are supposed to act like he is an actual Navi which is also a stretch for me.
Also, the amount of plot armor for the Navi is insane. The humans are much more advanced, so it’s hard to believe the Navi would even put up a fight. The movie gives some bad explanations as to why the humans had better weapons and I’m pretty sure had more people. It just didn’t do a good job of making the Navi win believable.
Another complaint I have about this movie is the length. It’s so long for no reason. This movie could have been an hour and a half, but instead, it’s an egregious three hours and 12 minutes, and I don’t even hate longer movies. One of my favorite movies is “Casino” which is two hours and 58 minutes, but the length of this movie is just unnecessary.
Overall “Avatar: The Way of Water,” though a successful movie no doubt, just didn’t do it for me. Though the effects are strong and expensive, I believe that there is more to a movie than just that. A movie also needs a good script, story and acting. I would consider it to be one of the most overrated movies of all time.