New coach, same goals

Following various coaching changes, the same goal is in mind for soccer this season

The soccer staff had undergone a plethora of new changes in recent weeks. Former Head Coach Neil Hilton stepped down from his position as head coach to assume the same position at Mid-America Christian University.
It had been a tough couple of weeks for some of the players that had been under Neil for a longer period of time but with the season right around the corner, the need for a new head coach became ever-present.
Coach Raj Folmsbee was willing to step up to the plate and take on the responsibility of the head coach.
“I’ve been coaching for 17 years, I’ve coached 6A, 4A and both boys and girls,” Coach Folmsby said.“having that experience I was able to tell coach Hilton that I can step into the role and take over if that’s what you need.

While the change came at such short notice, both the player’s and the staff’s confidence levels remained unwavering.
“I feel like coach Neil Hilton has brought us up to a very strong point in our young soccer career, but I feel like Raj can guide us through these final steps of our senior year to winning a state championship,” Varsity goalie Nicholas Procter Said
Last year, the team finished with a winning record of eight and four. This year, the team plans on winning a state championship, and with the current roster, they have the pieces to achieve that goal.
The varsity team is composed almost entirely of seniors that have been playing with each other for many years now, and they are ready to go all the way.
”We have a very strong and united team, and then we play together really well,” Senior Juan Delgado said. “We really have a shot to get up there and take State regardless of our situation.”