Prom pact review


Annie Leibovitz

With prom and graduation on the way, there are a lot of excitement and emotions going around as seniors plan for their future. This movie ties back to the nostalgia of experiencing new memories before experiencing new beginnings.

“Prom Pact” is a Disney Original romantic comedy that was released on March 30, 2023. This movie revolved around a high school senior Mandy Yang (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and her best friend Ben Plunkett (Milo Manheim) who are surrounded by over the top 80s themed promposals. During the opening scene, Mandy is introduced by developing the idea that her sights are set on one goal, attending Harvard.
The plot of this movie follows Mandy after she finds out that her application got delayed. She does everything she can to get off the waitlist for Harvard, even if it means asking the one person who represents everything she hates, all-star jock Graham Langsing (Blake Draper) whose father is a powerful senator.
One of the many things I loved was how realistic the movie was. It shows the reality of wanting something so badly that you would do anything in your power to get it, even if that meant doing something you never would have imagined yourself doing. After Mandy’s application gets pushed back she attempted to get off of the waitlist and into Harvard. For example, she begins tutoring the one person she thought she would never talk to, in order to get a letter of recommendation from his father. While tutoring Graham, Mandy catches feelings for him which she never imagined would happen.
I really enjoyed the movie and think they did an amazing job with it, but it was very predictable. I knew what was going to happen before it even happened. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, it would’ve been nice not to have expected the plot twist and how things were going to turn out.
For instance, when she uses Graham everything starts to change. Mandy ends up catching feelings for him which was very predictable and I knew halfway through the movie that Graham was going to eventually find out that Mandy was just using him. Even though this movie was easy to follow, sometimes those movies provide teens with the most nostalgia before they move on to the next chapter and the ending of the movie was different because these movies follow a traditional template which this film chose to deviate from. Usually in these movies it ends at graduation where the girl and guy share one last kiss before the movie ends, but in “Prom Pact” it ended with Mandy in a spot she didn’t expect to be after everything that had happened.
Overall, “Prom Pact” goes into the reality of being a high school senior whose worried about planning ahead for the future. I experienced many different emotions while watching this movie. It was so beautifully made and I definitely recommend it especially if you love romance.