Severe Storms Cause Large Hail in Yukon; Tornadoes Across the State


Jack Dever

After the storms from April 19th, many cars in Yukon High School’s parking lot were left with damage, either on the windshield or dents elsewhere.

Severe storms from April 19th brought large hail throughout Yukon. The largest reported hail size was 1.75 inches in diameter or similar to the size of a golf ball. In nearby Richland, 2.5 inches in diameter hail was reported, similar to the size of a tennis ball. The same storm system also brought strong tornadoes throughout the southern Oklahoma City metro, with two EF3 tornadoes and three EF2 tornadoes hitting the metro. Three people died from Wednesday’s storms.
Hail is a form of precipitation that forms inside a thunderstorm and consists of solid ice and can fall at speeds of up to 75 miles an hour depending on the size of the hailstone. During a hailstorm, staying indoors and away from windows is best. Hail caused one billion dollars in damage annually.
“The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay indoors,” Meteorologist In Charge of the National Weather Service in Norman Mark Fox said.