TSA Competes at State


Danielle Stewart

Yukon High School’s TSA State competition competitors. Left to right: Ciana Dupreist, Abigaile May, Jay Camp, Teresa Nabors, Irene Perez Urbibe, Breanna Miller, Ethan Achipa

TSA’s state competition ran from April 19-2. This competition was held at Embassy Suites Conference Center in Norman, OK. TSA stands for technology student association and offers a vast variety of categories for students to compete in, such as photography and board game design, which Yukon High School received awards for during this competition.
Sophomores Teresa Nabors and Irene Perez Uribe, first-year members of TSA, placed 3rd at the state competition in board game design. Their board game was a multiplayer game centered around cats and mice, and they were ecstatic about the win.
“I didn’t think we did good, but then it was like ‘wow, we did do good’,” Nabors said. “It was a roller coaster of emotions, we were really excited.”
But Nabors and Uribe weren’t the only millers to bring home an award. Junior Abigaile May, also a first-year member of TSA, placed second for photography. They were assigned a category to get good pictures of, and would then submit them for the competition, and had two days to get the photos.
“[Architecture] was kind of a difficult thing, and there is only so much you can do in one building with that,” May said. “I was a little unsure of [the photos], but when it was all put together it turned out good.”
The supportive and encouraging environment provided by the TSA community held significant importance for Nabors and May.
“This year I started thinking more and more about [joining TSA], and so I went just to check it out, so I joined and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made,” May said. “I’ve made a lot of friends, I’ve gone a lot of places and I’ve won competitions.”
“I feel like [TSA]’s a great way to promote S.T.E.M,” Nabors said. “It’s kind of a smaller club, and it’s a way to get more involved.”