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Magic 104.1 has been the OKC metros Christmas music station for over 20 years. It seems like with Christmas music, everyone is happy to hear it, putting them in a good mood, KMGL Programming Director and host Steve OBrien said.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas At Magic 104.1

Jack Dever, Writer December 14, 2022

‘Twas the morning of the eleventh. November to be exact. Another Friday start, and Veterans’ Day at that. But a change was coming as the city would go, to Magic 104.1 for holiday music on the radio. At...

Kelson Reyes was scrolling through World Cup highlights on Tik Tok to catch clips of the game he hasnt seen or wants to see again.

World Cup: Admiration of the game

Brenden Adams, Writer December 13, 2022

The World Cup was one of the most known and watched sporting events internationally. The World Cup happened every four years and one month in which 32 teams played in group stages before advancing to bracket...

Giving instructions to guests, Host Spanish teacher Jasmine Davis explains how the event should unfold.

Cultural Connections: Keeping family close

Carmen Osio Rodriguez, Writer December 12, 2022

Not to be compared with Halloween, Dia de Muertos ( Day of the Death) is celebrated in Latin Cultures on Nov 1 and 2. Both holidays have very different meanings that should be considered before comparing...

Listed above are the semester exams exemption rules, excluding the exemptions seniors may have earned through the exams taken during their junior year.

Semester tests absent policy leaves students with mixed opinions

Madyson O'Neale, Writer December 11, 2022

As semester test season began, the sounds of jewelry clinking against skin, anxious nail biting and knuckle cracking revved up as much as anxiety while students scrambled to get themselves exempt from...

The human brain is a very developmental organ that can play into perception, energy and mood. sleep and the lack of sleep can affect all kinds of things. Everything, your behavior, your perception of things, how you live your life. Ralph Nigro said.

Psychology of sleep

Adrianna Redmon, Writer December 9, 2022

Have you ever been so tired you cannot even function properly? Sleep is very important for the brain. Lack of sleep on the brain can affect your daily life negatively, in ways that can hurt you or others...

Cabinetry teacher Anthony Mashaw plays his custom-made guitar. Mashaw created the guitar in 2015 as a part of his Cabinetry 2 course.

Tour buses to teaching

Kael Plummer, Writer December 8, 2022

Yukon high school is home to over 128 teachers and staff, out of all those teachers there is only one cabinetry teacher, but more importantly, there is only one Anthony Mashaw. One of Mashaw's cabinetry...

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