High school listed for sale on Zillow


Conner Carlow

Yukon High School listed on Zillow after bankruptcy from lack of funding.

The following article is purely satirical and not meant to be taken seriously. To view our satire policies click here.

Spring break, the high school was listed on Zillow for sale at $120,000. The decision to sell the school was made at a private school board meeting which discussed the debt the high school has accumulated from over-drafting their savings.

I’m shocked it had to come to this,” principal Melissa Barlow said. “There was no other option than to put the high school up for sale.” 

According to the ACN real estate agent, Rebecca Haliday who listed the property on the Zillow site, there is already a serious potential buyer for the school. The Outsight reached out to the buyer asking what his plans for the building with no response.

“I would hate to lose my classroom,” English teacher Dusty Crabtree said. “I spent so much time and money decorating it. I don’t know if I can bring myself to take all the decorations down.” 

The student body had mixed feelings regarding the possibility of losing the school. Some are joyous that if a buyer closed on the property education would continue online through the continuous learning plan. Other students, however, are taking the news more somberly. 

“I was so saddened to hear the news,” sophomore Ried Carr said. “I’m just hoping the new owners will let us continue to use the building as a school.” 

Parents, teachers and students have all asked administrators what they can do to help save the school from being sold. Jason Simeroth is doubtful much can be done. No bake sale, fundraiser or amount of donations can save the school from the inevitable. 

“We, unfortunately, have to let go of a property that is so precious to the education of students within our district,” Simeroth said. “Our thought and prayers are with the community during this trying time.”