Artist Spotlight: Sending messages through art

Artist Spotlight: Sending messages through art

“I like to paint and draw out my emotions on a canvas to share with people and the world to see, looking for the small things in life to make them feel more important.
I prefer to use lots of colors to make things more wacky and confusing but relatable. I know that my artwork is completed when I feel like it all makes sense and is understandable to people who don’t like art.
I like to show in my art that everything you find in the bigger picture has beautiful wants.
My favorite artistic influence is Hokusai, the way they make normal things you see every day more interesting is awesome sauce in my opinion.
Artworks of mine that hold special significance are one of the masks I made with all of my close friends. The mask was a nerd pig with glasses and it took us about two weeks to finish.
To me, it wasn’t worth it at all but what mattered to me was the journey because I got to spend some time with my friends and do art and crafting together.
When facing challenges I usually talk to my friends asking for their opinions on the subject or finding inspiration in music. Music helps me with art by telling different stories, subjects, and emotions to work on.
I enjoy expressing myself with different styles and techniques of light sources and views of things.
I’m hoping for people to see my art so that they can feel what I feel and see what I see.
I would also want them to think about things they would never imagine, and see things differently in life.”

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