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The Insight

Hanh has a physics degree that he uses to teach science courses. He recently took on the role of the head coach of the football team after his predecessor coach, Jeremy Reed took his abilities elsewhere.

Hahn named new head football coach

Landon Thomas, Writer/Photographer March 23, 2021

Marshall Hahn was named Yukon’s head football coach on Feb. 2, 2021. The Board of Education made the decision after former head coach, Jeremy Reed, decided to take his coaching abilities to the college...

Plastic tubes circulate recycled air from outside to help dry areas affected by water damage. The tubes were connected to a large air unit in the front bus loop on the east side of the school and lined upstairs and downstairs hallways. (Photo by Landon Thomas)

Burst pipes cause damage to school building after record-breaking cold

Landon Thomas, Writer/Photographer March 10, 2021

Over the two week period that Yukon was online during the winter weather, the school experienced some water problems. Pipes burst on the south side of the school causing leaks in 16 classrooms in the S230...

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