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Released feb 23,2023 outer banks is filled with action and emotion as they explore new relationships and  adventures.

Outer Banks: Adventures to El Dorado

Madyson O'Neale, Writer February 28, 2023

“Outer Banks” is a Netflix original series that was originally released on April 15, 2020. Season three was released on February 23, 2023. This series revolves around 5 teenagers, Sarah Cameron (Madelyn...

students have six to seven classes each and extracurriculars along with those some students have jobs outside of school many have to work after school and make time for them both.

work and school coexist in students life

Emma Johnson, NP Staff February 27, 2023

School alone can be a lot but having to work and do school work all in one day could be a lot for a student. The amount of school work varies for classes but with work in AP classes and basketball junior...

Many will debate what folder color is used for what subject for example science is green, math is red, etc. people have their opinions and will stick with them and their reasons. if you do not follow the unwritten rules of the folder colors you are not ready for high school, sophomore Spencer Rowe said.

The debate about folder colors

Emma Johnson, NP Staff February 23, 2023

Often, students use folders to separate notes and assignments for different subjects. Most use specific colors for the issues. 55 students out of 105 who took a survey said a red folder was used for math....

This year at CES in Las Vegas, the latest and greatest tech was announced for the public to see.

Highlights from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show

Jack Dever, Writer February 23, 2023

Every year in Las Vegas, tech manufacturers and car companies bring their latest innovations to show to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year was no different, with new technologies...

As Nicole Pena Marchant worked on making a Christmas hat during class in the sewing room. When sewing it can either be frustrating or restful and like relaxing, theres just no in between, said Shelbi Loupe.

Fashion Design

Sonia Nava-Aguilera, Writer February 21, 2023

Fashion Design was a new course that started in the 2022-2023 academic year as an option for one of the courses under the umbrella of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS). FACS teacher Shelbi Loupe taught...

The first-floor view from a viewing window into the construction of Loves Planetarium. Construction started in December and is slated to be done in the fall of 2024.

Oklahoma: Looking Among the Stars

Lucas Punneo, Writer/Photographer February 20, 2023

In the fall of 2024, Science Museum Oklahoma will open its new Astronomy Wing and unveil Love's Planetarium, a cutting-edge exhibit for astronomers and children alike. The new planetarium will host a multitude...

These four games as well as dozens more were featured in the Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct launch

Kage Tudor, Writer February 16, 2023

On February eighth, Nintendo streamed its first Nintendo Direct of 2023. This direct was packed with new game announcements, new footage for previously announced games, DLC and more. The Direct provided...

As students work on learning how to make an argumentative statement, student Ella Gentry seeks help from Crauthers about the assignment. Students are working on determining whether or not cell phones should be banned from school.

Courtney Crauthers: Impacting her Students

Madyson O'Neale, Writer February 13, 2023

Courtney Crauthers taught English II at Yukon High School. She's been teaching for 14 years and has been a teacher here for two years. She built strong relationships with her students by communicating...

Covering world history, ESL teacher Fernando Zamarripa helps Junior Sebastian Lechuga Garcia widen his knowledge on governmental systems such as the difference between communism and socialism.

Being Bilingual

Carmen Osio Rodriguez, Writer February 10, 2023

While many recognize the benefits of speaking a second language, there can also be challenges such as confusion and mix-ups which are just a start of being bilingual. Junior Bryan Olivas Navarro explained...

Dancing Queens. 
As students begin to leave and the dance starts to wind down, seniors CanDrian Alle and Adele Marchisio continue to dance with friends.

Winter formal

Madyson O'Neale, Writer February 9, 2023

Students standing in line, long dresses and ties. Bright lights and a cold January night. On Jan. 28 Yukon High School hosted their first winter formal since the coronavirus at 10 West Main Event Center...

Barnes named head football coach

Coy Pope, Editor-in-Chief February 9, 2023

Reports indicated Brent Barnes is in line to become the next Miller football head coach. Barnes previously coached at Norman North then moved to coach in Arizona. Barnes brings 17 years of experience,...

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